Anniversary Collection - Soltera Codiciada & Bipolar

This October is our 7th anniversary and we decided to celebrate it together with Soltera Codiciada with a special collection that pays an homage to the kaleidoscope that is the female mind. 

We were inspired by our friends, our sisters, ourselves. Yes, they are typologies but at the same time they aren´t, because we all a have little of every girl in this colection, sometimes it just depends on what foot we get up and of course, what we put on that foot. The journalist Caitlyn Moran wrote in her book "How to be a woman" that the reason why women take so long to dress up is not because we are complicated, nonconformist (although it does not rule out the theory of the goblin that hides beautiful clothes at night) but because women dress according to who they feel should be that day. Sometimes we feel like a femme fatale, a woman that is sexy, confident and has the heels to prove it, but other days we need that same confidence in a work meeting to make it clear that no matter what shoes you wear, you will not run over us.  

All the textures and designs of this collection were chosen to reflect the fun, irreverent and, of course, glamorous attitude that every coveted girl has, as well as the multifaceted feminine spirit, but also we wanted to celebrate the power of female friendship because in the end a good friend is like a good pair of shoes: fabulous, keeps your feet on the ground and always makes the road a little easier to walk.