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Lady Boss

We are happy to present you a very special collection created in collaboration with @DivinaEjecutiva and dedicated to all our #LadyBoss, those stars that inspire us, from the past and the present, those that go out every day ready to conquer the world. Women in space, in politics, pioneers in art, science, sports ... that show us that we all have in our hands the power to transform, at least a little, the world.


 10 bipolars that bear on behalf of 10 inspiring women: here we introduce our Lady Boss!

 1 - Ella Fitzgerald - Lady Boss that is born to be a star, there´s no adversity to stop her!
2 - Alice Guy-Blaché - That nobody has ever done it, does not mean that it is impossible.
3 - Sarah Breedlove - Lady Boss shining with her own light makes her way to a new destination.
4 - Amelia Earheart - Not even the sky is the limit.
5 - Billie Jean King - Always standing in the fight for equality.
6 - Valentina Tereshkova - Without fear of getting where no one has arrived.
7 - Marie Curie - Lady Boss with clear goals fight to achieve them.
8 - Gabrielle Chanel - Without ties and without corsets, always free to choose who we want to be.
9 - Marlene Dietrich - Without fear of being different.
10 - Kate Sheppard - A Lady Boss knows that the first few times are scary, but not even fear stops her.